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aaaaand there goes my big, expensive wireless headset. lasted just a little bit after a year. that is NOT a good lifespan for this thing- if I still had the receipt, which i do not because it was a christmas present, it would’ve had a three year warranty. i’m seeing if logitech will still cut me a deal but it seems unlikely.

also, i caught a shiny electabuzz last night. first person to be willing to add me to their friend list can have it, regardless of if you follow me or whatever. i just want more friend safaris. i can HOPE it’s a fire safari but i haven’t found one yet, so.

oprah chai tea comes out is coinciding with me getting a record low of hours this week

and thus, i blame oprahs shitty tea choices

oprah, if you wanna empower some women(ish),do me a favor and tell teavana to give me a living amount of hours instead of making another fucking chai tea we don’t need

that would be